Jay Gurudev!

Ideally, freedom from sorrow and attainment of perfect bliss in the form of Self- Realization is the aim of human life, according to our Hindu Dharma-Sanskruti. Our holy motherland which is a Mokshabhoomi (sacred land to attain Self-Realization), has given birth to such innumerable, holy Self-Realized men and women who have attained this perfection in their life. Brahmaleen Swami Pujya Shree Mahaviranandji Saraswati belongs to this exalted tradition of Self-Realized men and women. Pujya Swamiji had decided on this aim of Self-Realization in his childhood and attained it by the time he reached his youth. When such exalted Self-Realized persons experience that they are one with the universe and the Universal Powe, then service to the suffering humanity is the only duty and activity they practice in their remaining life. With the experience of, the essence of the life of such persons is complete fearlessness, omnipotence, sacrifice, complete detachment to worldly attractions, complete absence of egoism and the practice of selfless service to the humanity.

Thus with such noble, saintly characteristics and ideals Pujya Swami Mahaviranandji Saraswati established a chain of Gyan Sadhana Ashrams. The main center is the Gyan Sadhana Ashram at Chanod, Gujarat which was established in 1984. Without knowledge, Self-Realization is impossible and without Self-Realization, continuous bliss and complete fearlessness is impossible. So, to train the common people in this path of Gyan Sadhana (path of knowledge), Gyan Sadhana Ashram was established on the banks of the holy river Narmada.

Though Pujya Swamiji was a Mukta, Siddha Sanyasi (Self-Realized perfect ascetic who had renounced all worldly attachments), it is the special facet of his multi-dimensional personality that along with spiritual sadhana, he understood and accepted the responsibility of social upliftment. He and the other exalted sanyasis who have come after him in his holy Parampara (tradition), have guided many people on the spiritual path as well as carried on with the various projects and activities of social service with zeal, not unlike the purifying, continuous and sacred flow of the Narmada!