On 28 April 2012, a program to pay homage to Bramhaleen Pujya Swami Mahaviranandji Maharaj was arranged in the Satsang Bhavan of Gyan Sadhana Ashram, Chanod. Pujya Swamiji had left his mortal body 22 years ago on this same day.
At the start, Pujya Swami Shubhampuriji Maharaj presented a lyrical recitation of Sunderkand from Shri Tulsiramayan. This was accompanied with many musical instruments played by expert musicians. Hundreds of devotees enjoyed this presentation and also took part in it. Many bhajan groups that had come from surrounding areas also offered their services at the feet of pujya Shree Mahaviranandji on this occasion.
Later, a Saint Samagam (congregation of revered saints) was presided over by Pujya M.M. Dayanand Puriji Maharaj of Ved Ashram, Chanod. More than 150 saints were present in this congregation along with hundreds of devotees. Pujya M.M. Dayanand Puriji maharaj while paying tributes to the spiritual qualities of bramhaleen Pujya Mahaviranandji, remembered how Pujya Swamiji had come and stayed with him in his Ashram when he had come for the first time to Chanod. Pujya Madhavtirthji Maharaj from Omkarsadhana Ashram, Anand asked everybody to introspect whether we have imbibed the teachings of Pujya Swamiji in our life and practice. Pujya Bhoomanandji maharaj from Chanod and Pujya Vasantanandji Maharaj, Karnali Ashram also graced the occasion along with other respected Saints.
Pujya Vivekanandji Maharaj of Gyan Sadhana Ashram thanked everybody for their participation in the program and reminded that one who sits on the Gadee (private martial arts lessons los angeles) is important but who makes him sit there is even more important as well as who wears the garland is Important but who offers the garland is more important. Pujya Swami Krushnadasji Maharaj of Santram Mandir, Nadiad coordinated the whole program. Shri Kishoreshastri Gaud (along with others) helped in making the arrangements.