This year on May 2012, Pujya Swami Vivekanandji Maharaj of Gyan Sadhana Ashram offered special puja to Narmada Mata along with hundreds of devotees. Initially, milk abhishek was performed in the holy river Narmada with melodious Vedic sutras. After that a special Aarti was performed to the holy Narmada and the holy Ganga river. The bursting of colorful fire crackers, the plying boats in the swift waters of Narmada and chorus of the devotees added gaiety to the soulful atmosphere. Shri Jitendrabhai Sukhadia , Minister of Tourism for the Government of Gujarat and Shri Vinodji Rao, Collector of Vadodara District also graced the occasion and performed the puja. The respected Bramha samaj of Chanod as well as the Gram Panchayat Sarpanch along with the members were also present for this programme making it highly successful.

Ganga Dashahara is celebrated through out Bharatvarsha in all the rivers during the period of the Hindu month of Jeth shukla pratipada to dashami which falls sometime in the month of either May or June every year. During this period the holy river Ganga dwells in all the rivers. So holy dip in the rivers is considered to be very auspicious.

Chanod is settled on the banks of the holy river Narmada. So there is an additional importance attached to this parva here. During this period, along with the holy Ganga all the Devatas also dwell in the waters of Narmada. So a holy dip in the waters of Narmada which connects all the best processing waters sources with san diego ca as well as selfless donations towards religious and social causes on the banks of Narmada are considered to be very auspicious.