1. Swami Mahaviranand Manav Seva Trust

Brahmaleen Pujya Swami Mahaviranandji Maharaj established this trust to serve people from that section of the society ( specially middle class) who were physically handicapped or lacking in food – clothing or medicines. The trust also renders help to those in need in the times of natural calamities like earthquakes or floods etc. Many students have been helped with books and other study materials to complete their studies. There is an old tradition of doing Narmada Parikrama. To such pilgrims who do this parikrama- food, cloths and primary medical aid is offered.

2. Gaushala

The holy cow is considered to be one place where all the Gods ( ) dwell together in harmony. Cow is considered to be the mother of our world according to our scriptures.
In our Dharma, to serve the cow and its progeny is considered to be one of the most pious and rewarding acts to benefit us hugely in this life as well as the life after we leave this mortal body ( )
In Gyan Sadhana Ashram, to educate people in this important cultural value of ‘Gau Seva’ (service to the cow), a small gaushala is maintained. Fertilizers made from cow dunk and cow urine are used in the Ashram farms.

3. Satsang Bhavan and Temple

In Gyan Sadhana Ashram, there is a daily routine of devotional practices and gyan sadhana (the path of knowledge). For all those activities the Satsang Bhavan (prayer hall) and the temple are used. Every day there is a Aarati at 6.30 am in the morning and at 7.30 pm in the evening. The timings of the Aarati change periodically according to the season and the time of the year. Idols of Brahmaleen Pujya Swami Mahaviranandji Maharaj, Bhagavan Mahadevji, Bhagavan Dattatreyaji and Bhagavati Kali Mata along with an Akhand Jyoti from Shaktipeetha Pavagad are installed in the Satsang Bhavan – temple.

4. Farming

There are some farmlands that belong to the Ashram. Using the fertilizers made from the cow manure and cow urine, bio-organic farming is done.

5. Seva of Narmada Parikramavasi

Our Gyan Sadhana Ashram is situated in Chanod which is an important pilgrimage center on the banks of the holy river, Narmada. There is an age old tradition of doing ‘Narmada Parikrama’. Since ages, generation after generation, many devotees, sanysis do the parikrama of the holy river Narmada. Along the banks of the Narmada are situated the Ashrams of many holy saints as well as the trusts established by various philanthropists. These trusts and ashrams offer various services to these Narmada parikramavasi.
Services in the form of food, cloths and primary medical aid are continuously offered to these Narmada Parikramavasi pilgrims in Gyan Sadhana Ashram.

6. Other Charitable Services

a) The Gyan Sadhana Ashram has contributed handsomely to lay the new pipeline for the water works in the Chanod town.
b) 2 rooms in the local school have been built by Gyan Sadhana Ashram.
c) The work for repair as well as building new bus stand shelter for the pilgrims in Chanod is under construction.
d) A big decorative gate at the entrance of the Chanod town on the main road is also built by our Ashram to beautify this famous pilgrimage center.
e) A small building shelter for the pilgrims which is offered for stay or other community activity like meals is also built by the Gyan Sadhana Ashram and is managed by the Brahma Samaj of Chanod presently.
f) Gyan Sadhana Ashram has helped in many such public service as well as charitable initiatives.